Mark Zuckerberg and his Artificial Intelligence(AI) Assistant called Jarvis


The realities and opportunities been created by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),Virtual realities(VR) and  Internet of Things(IoT) give machines great intelligence and cognitive abilities,one I find very fascinating.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook is one guy set to expand the scope of what is possible and push these realities we have today like never before.Recently I have followed his ambitious project to see that all diseases can be cured especially in children ,I have also followed some of his insights into the future at Facebook.

Few days ago Mark showed the video of Jarvis,his artificial intelligence assistant that uses voice,text and facial recognition to take commands and control his house.The details of what Jarvis can do is found in this interview by Fast Company.

And here is Mark’s personal note on how he built Jarvis.

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