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Intern, Business Analyst

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Business Analyst

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Who we are
eHealth Africa designs and implements data-driven solutions and technologies to improve health systems for and with local communities. eHA’s technology works in low connectivity settings, and smartly uses data to drive decision-making by local governments and partner agencies to get optimum results.

We leverage our staff and department expertise across five programmatic areas:

  • Health Delivery Systems

  • Public Health Emergency Management Systems

  • Disease Surveillance Systems

  • Laboratory & Diagnostic Systems

  • Nutrition & Food Security Systems

In each of these programmatic areas, we partner with governments, communities, nonprofits and other stakeholders to generate holistic solutions, because we believe that every community deserves access to the types of tools that can enable them to lead healthier lives.

1. Aim

The aim of the internship will be to enhance the theoretical knowledge of the intern through substantive and operational engagement in GIS Department of eHA.

2. Objective

The eHA GIS department has collected a wide variety of spatial and non-spatial datasets over the course of two years. While the majority of the data has been used to support specific projects and operational work, little work has been done with the data to measure the impact of the data on specific projects eHealth Africa has supported.

The objective of this internship will therefore be to support business process with the GIS data to create output and story of the impact these data generated by eHA GIS team have had on the polio program.

3. Description of Tasks

The intern will initiate/assist/report/monitor and develop the following initiatives; and the planning of regular meetings as well as facilitate knowledge exchange. The intern will be expected to:

  • Translates business and system needs into solution requirements for developers and testers, using requirements elicitation, analysis, specification and verification in an agile environment

  • Discovers, documents, and prioritizes client needs and requirements

  • Participates in prioritization in close coordination with the projects and programmes teams

  • Participates in release date(s) and content (Release Planning)

  • Participates and monitors  project planning, daily stand-ups, reviews, retrospectives, sprint and release planning, demos and other project-related meetings

  • Provide support to the business analysis team in preparing business plans and strategies

  • Handles a variety of project planning and coordination and information system analysis tasks

  • Write technical reports and manuals for the benefit of end users

  • Tracks tasks and milestones and reports on the project’s progress

  • Any other tasks assigned by Management.

4. Required Outputs

  • Upon completion of the internship, the intern shall produce a comprehensive report that shows what role the data generated by eHealth Africa played in the polio and other program

  • The intern will produce a story to communicate the result of the analysis.

  • Tasks developed in a professional and efficient way, focusing on end-results and delivering high quality products


  • Publication – The report put together by this exercise will be used as a white paper to showcase the impact of eHA programs Operations.

  • Impact Assessment – The output of this project will contribute to measuring the impact of the eHA programs on datasets on the polio program.

5. Advantage /Benefits

As an intern you will take part in cutting edge Business Analysis and other activities and projects that contribute to the eradication of Polio in Nigeria. The diversity of our team means that you will find yourself working in multicultural teams with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have wide perspectives, experiences, expectations as well as approaches. Knowledge of the region’s political, socioeconomic and cultural dynamics will be gained. eHA´s interns also gain a first-hand perception of the day-to-day working environment Of eHA. You will be given a real chance to work with our team of outstanding and inspiring career professionals and senior managers. Within the Organization, you might have the chance to be exposed to conferences, participate in meetings, and contribute to analytical work as well as on-the-ground projects. Upon the successful conclusion of the assignment, will provide a certificate for the interns that fulfil their commitments with integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity.

6. Skills to be developed

  • The intern will develop stronger knowledge of  data analysis and reporting

  • The intern will develop stronger knowledge of data entry skills

  • The intern will develop better report writing skills in Business context to non scientific audience

7. Required eHA competencies:


  • Advanced research and analytical skills and the ability to synthesize data and notes into a clear and concise database and report.

  • Advanced knowledge of Excel.

  • Basic understanding of health data and analysis concepts

  • Ability to connect thoughts and models from different fields to create innovative results

  • Strong report writing skills

  • Managing resources – Organizes and manages information in an optimum manner.


  • Effectively presents data and information in a way amenable to sharing with colleagues.

  • Listens well to instructions and feedback.

  • Team-work oriented with sound communication skills

  • Punctual, reliable. confirmed organisational and time management skills

  • Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results,

  • Strong interpersonal and team working skills

  • High level of creativity and string apt for learning new skills

  • Good interpersonal skills – able to work well in a team environment.

  • Ability to work independently and show initiative.

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