Yes, you can. On the right sidebar of ever job posting, there’s a contact form through which you can contact the employer directly.

Provided you have previously created a resume and uploaded your CV, you can apply for jobs by simply clicking on the APPLY NOW button.

New internship openings that suit you create resume are posted everyday, Registering for a job alert will allow us send you an email when these openings are posted.

Registering on openemployment.ng doesn’t automatically create a job alert, you will need to create a tailored job alert from your profile dashboard.

When creating your resume, we have an option to make your resume available for public viewing. Check this option to enable employers view your resume and contact you directly.

When you apply for a job opening, we send an email to you stating that your application has been received. If after 30 minutes you do not receive this email, please check your span folder and move the mail to your inbox. If you don’t see the mail still please reapply or send a mail to support@openemployment.ng

Unfortunately not, You will have to send a mail to the employer stating the change or reapply.

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