Business Development Pre-course Quiz

Business Development Pre-course Quiz

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What is not a part of business development activities?

Which type of the following company type does business development not apply to??

What is the first step in market development ?

Which is the best way to describe threats in SWOT analysis ?

Which is not part of the distribution channel ?

What is a selling point when talking to a customer in B2B sales ?

Which of the following department does business development goal cannot be tied to?

Which factor makes adopting technology more compelling

What type of legal factor does trade union recognition, falls into under PEST?

Which of the following is true about business strategies ?

When asked to estimate how much time a task will take, what should you ideally do?

Which economic factor, affects how much it costs to borrow money thus, affecting cash flow?

Which of the following is not a social factor ?

How does organizations anticipate changes in law ?

Which international factor affects cost of imports ?

What does competitive intelligence gather intelligence about ?

Which of the following is needed by a business development manager?

How do you manage teams?

Which category will literary work belong to?

What is the common form of negotiation ?

Which of these is the most preferred method of product shipment from China ?

Your colleague is confused about using the marketing research process, as he knows that something is wrong but is not sure of the specific cause to investigate. He seems to be having problems with ____________, which is often the hardest step to take?

What is the main reason for developing a marketing plan?

The rationale of how a company creates value and delivers value and capture value is called_____

What is true about large companies when it comes to internet marketing?

Which is NOT an example of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) platform

What does SWOT stand for?

What type of training is effective for boosting sales performance ?

A ______ is when two or more companies work together to develop a new product ?

What is a click-through rate?

If you are trying to determine what type of customers may be interested in purchasing products from you, which type of sale strategy would you need to use?

Which is not an example of a strategy used in Business development ?

With the exemption of founder’s funding and Bank loan, mention 2 sources of capital suitable for a start-up firm ?

The qualitative and quantitative assessment of a target market is known as ?

The creation of a new company through the combination of the core businesses of two or more companies, and abandoning the old corporate structures is called___ ?

41 The merging of two or more companies in direct competition, and in the same industry is a_____ ?

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